You're committed to doing your part to limit the spread of COVID. This means wearing a mask in public — especially indoors. You've realized that keeping your mask on between stops is often easier, so you've started wearing it while you drive. Unfortunately, this behavior might not be as harmless as it seems. Keep reading to learn why:

Does Driving With a Mask On Impair Your Driving Ability?

Vision Impairment

Many people with glasses have complained that masks cause fogging, which makes it difficult to see. This is problematic enough at the grocery store or doctor's office, but in a car, it's downright deadly. After all, even mild obstructions can prevent drivers from spotting dangerous hazards. Drivers who wear sunglasses behind the wheel may be even more at risk simply because they're not accustomed to combining eyewear and masks.

Source of Distraction

Even if drivers can see perfectly, masks can quickly become a distraction as they shift over time or require adjustments to remain comfortable. Every time drivers make changes to their masks' positioning, they divert their attention away from the road. When driving alone, this source of distraction is entirely unnecessary, as a lack of driving companions minimizes the risk of contracting or spreading the disease.

The best solution? Keep a supply of masks on hand in your vehicle — and be prepared to remove or put on a mask every time you enter and exit your car. Your safety is well worth a brief moment of inconvenience.

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